These are economically challenging times. As the U.S. healthcare environment evolves and costs continue to rise, businesses small and large are increasingly turning to voluntary employee benefits to supplement core coverage. These voluntary programs have the following employer advantages:

  • Budget Sensitive: Since voluntary programs are 100% employee paid, the employer does not incur any direct costs.
  • Employee Recruitment: Offering a wider menu of benefits can level the playing field, especially for small to midsize businesses that compete with larger employers for talent.
  • Employee Retention: Employees who are satisfied with their company’s benefit package are more likely to remain loyal to their employers.

A la carte-style benefit packages allow employees to choose benefits and benefit levels that suit their individual financial and situational needs. Employees use this customization to fill gaps in coverage and enhance the core benefits already in place. It also grants employees access to multiple types of coverage at group rates with minimal underwriting requirements.

In addition to providing employees with much needed coverage, Premier offers a variety of services to assist employers in achieving their goals.

What are the top advantages of voluntary benefits according to employees?

- MetLife 8th Annual Employee Benefits Trends Survey -