Many companies do not have the resources to fully communicate and manage their benefit package effectively thus leading to:

  • Undervalued benefits
  • Low participation
  • Low satisfaction among employees
  • Programs that are not fully understood or utilized

Our services provide your employees with a personal review and explanation of their benefits' features, advantages, and overall value.

The following services are available in coordination with a voluntary enrollment:

Core Benefit Communication/Enrollment

Our licensed Benefits Specialists will educate and enroll employees in their core benefits via a face-to-face session or through our enrollment call center. This service is designed to relieve stressed Human Resource departments during labor intensive Open Enrollments.

FSA Communication/Enrollment

Companies who offer Flexible Spending Accounts typically have low participation. This is not the result of an ineffective program, rather a result of a lack of employee understanding of the plan. Our licensed Benefits Specialists can help increase participation by providing employees with the education they need to understand how an FSA program works. Increased participation also results in employer tax savings.

Total Compensation Statements

All employees know what they earn in the form of a paycheck, but few understand the value of their company provided benefits. A total compensation statement provides a personalized, itemized view of an employee’s total compensation (their hidden paycheck).

Dependent Eligibility Verification/Audits

Dependent eligibility audits show employees that your organization is doing its best to minimize the costs of their health insurance. Identifying ineligible dependents will save money and help stop future misuses of the eligibility provisions in your plan.

Beneficiary Updates

Our Benefits Specialists will update beneficiary records to help you maintain accurate records.

Employee Surveys

Get valuable feedback from your employees. Survey questions can pertain to benefits, work environment, work initiatives, etc.

Payroll Administration

Services are available to streamline the various voluntary carriers that may already be in place. In addition, online billing services are available to make administration efficient and easy to maintain.

Claim Support

Employees can call Premier Worksite directly to help facilitate claims. Premier’s service representatives will make sure claims are filed accurately and timely.